St Paul's Court Management Co Ltd commissioned Asbestos Surveying Industries Limited (ASI) to undertake a survey of the common areas of the court for which it has a legal duty of care. At the same time (as it was a minimal additional charge) it was also decided to include the garages. Although these are not considered common areas and thus the responsibility of those leaseholders owning garages we felt that it was to benefit of all to include them.

St Paul's Court Management Co Ltd is not responsible for the insides of the flats and hence has not surveyed them. However there is a possibility of asbestos in the flats.

The survey and resulting report (including Asbestos results certificate) indicated that whilst asbestos has been detected it was shown to have either a low risk or very low risk of fibre release.

In summary the survey results showed that:

The report provides recommendations on how we and garage owners should take action to address the results.

The most important thing with asbestos is to leave it alone. Disturbing it causes the fibres to be released.

Should you require more information on your obligations concerning asbestos the following HSE web site provides guidance:

In addition ASI will add details of the survey to their web site and provide log in and password details to St Paul's Court Management Co Ltd so that we access them but also so that we may pass them on to workmen we appoint and so that they access the report and as necessary update it on works completed.

It is strongly recommended that leaseholders owning garages ensure that any maintenance workers or contractors they use or users they sub let to are aware that the garage roofs contain asbestos with low risk of fibre release.

Should you undertake work on your garage or employ someone to do so you may obtain details on ASI’s web site and login from St Paul's Court Management Co Ltd. To comply with the legislation an update will be required.