Privacy notice

St Paul's Court Management Co Ltd (SPCMCL) is the data controller in respect of any personal data you provide or are asked to provide to it by one of the directors or appointed contractors of St Paul’s Court Management Co Ltd (SPCMCL).

Your personal data will be protected in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and only held for as long as we actually need it. We will only use the data for:

We do not use cookies for collecting your information and when visiting this site we will not collect any personal information about you. The SPCMC website merely logs your IP address and other technical data that is automatically recognised by the web server.

We may use the data we collect to create reports on trends or to produce statistics. However, these reports and statistics will not identify individuals.

Generally the Act does not allow disclosure to a third party, but there are some exemptions, such as an application from the police concerning information to prevent or detect crime or catch or prosecute a suspect.

To obtain a copy of your personal data as held by SPCMCL, please write to the address below.

Also write to this address if you believe any information SPCMCL hold concerning you is incorrect or out of date. Provide us with the accurate information together with supporting evidence (if appropriate).

St Paul’s Court Management Co Ltd
C/O Pedersen and Company
Temple House,
17 Dukes Ride,
Berkshire RG45 6LZ