Good neighbours

The lease requires the flat owner or if they let the flat out their tenants to “use the Flat and St. Paul's Court in as quiet a manner as reasonably possible”. What this means is that everyone living here has a responsibility to act reasonably and respect their neighbours.

Ultimately Heritage Land or St Paul’s Court Management Co could issue an enforcement notice requiring compliance, but this would only happen in extreme cases and only if all other options have failed.

The first step should always be to mention to the party in question that they are acting unreasonably. In many cases the person causing the nuisance, including noise, might not realise the extent of the annoyance. Such noise can be caused by children running in flats above the ground floor, especially on laminate flooring. All flats are required by the lease to have floors covered with carpet or sound resistant material.

If contacting the neighbour does not work, or if you feel threatened by them or by the situation, you should consider approaching the authorities.

How to report anti-social behaviour

To report Anti-Social Behaviour please use the Thames Valley Police Non-Emergency Number - 0845 8 505 505.

Additional information is available from Reading Borough Council's page on Anti Social Behaviour