Renting your flat out

Use a letting agent if possible, particularly if you do not live in Reading, as in an emergency (like a water leak) they are usually easier to be able to contact - you might be out of the country etc.

Please provide Pedersen & Co with full contact details of the letting agent every time you change agent: Contact name, telephone number and email address.

Have a tenant in full time work and hence a professional. The building insurance company do not want tenants who have their rents paid for by the local authority as they are on benefits etc, or students or asylum seekers. We have found in the past that those tenants that do not pay their own rent are often the cause of any trouble at the court - it can be their acquaintances rather than them.

Do not rent to families unless the flat is on the ground floor. It is impossible to get buggies etc up the stairs without marking the walls.

Bicycles should not be brought into the stairwells or left there as this causes an obstruction and taking them up the stairs marks the walls. They can be stored in the drying areas and attached to the fencing.

Parking: If the tenant rents your garage please ask them to always park in the garage. There is very limited parking at the court. Garages can often be rented from the freeholder.

Water leaks: Make sure that your tenants understand what to do if they discover a leak into their flat including contacting the flat owner and letting agent to get the leak mended IMMEDIATELY.

Inform your tenant that they may not install a satellite dish or any other external devices to the building as this is prohibited by our lease.

Ensure that the tenants are considerate to other tenants in the block and are quiet between the hours of 10pm and 8am. This is a requirement of our lease; hence no loud music or other noises during this time; All DIY should take place during the normal working day hours.

Rubbish and Recycling: Ensure that tenants dispose of their rubbish correctly; in the correct bins.

A change of occupancy and or maintenance in a flat can result in much debris being left outside the flats. It is the leaseholder's and contractor's responsibility to remove all such debris and not leave it blocking access to the general rubbish area. If that happens Reading Borough Council will refuse to empty our bins and all at SPC suffer. The Management Company should not have to chase people to remove the rubbish or move it out of the way and then pay for its removal.