Rubbish and recycling

Waste for recycling goes into one of the small red bins with the blue and white labels on the top. Waste for recycling includes: paper, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, plastic bottles, food tins and drink cans. Please wash and squash tins and remove bottle tops. Do not put plastic bags in the recycling bins.

Waste for disposal goes in one of the other bins, the general rule being if you can fit it into a plastic rubbish sack it can go in the bin.

Glass bottles and jars for recycling can be taken to one of the council's bottle banks, such as by the Civic Offices or opposite the entrance to the adjacent Penny Royal Court.

All other rubbish including beds, furniture, fridges, cookers, TVs, PCs, carpet/floor covering, car parts etc. must be taken to the council civic amenity centre on the A33 Relief Road by the owner.

The refuse collectors will not empty the bins if they contain items such as furniture, cupboards, mattresses, electrical goods or commercial waste or access to the bins is blocked by such items.

Please phone the council on 0800 834 035 and ask for a special collection if need be.

See the council's Rubbish and Recycling Information for further details.

Christian Community Action (CCA) is a local Reading charity committed to helping local people who are in need, and collect furniture items free of charge:

Please do not dump your rubbish in the bin areas and then expect your neighbours or St Paul’s Court Management Company to get rid of it. Your rubbish is your responsibility.

Also to avoid blockages in the drains only human waste, toilet paper and water should go down the toilet, see Thames Water website for more information: Bin it - don't block it