What to do when selling your flat

Please ensure you advise Neville Pedersen (Company Secretary of the management company) as soon as you decide to sell your flat. Also advise your solicitor that they will need to contact Neville and Heritage Land (Landlord) to progress the sale. See contacts page.

Both yours and the purchaser’s solicitor will need to provide and receive information from Neville and Heritage Land, if the sale is to go through as quickly as possible.

When you come to sell the flat, your solicitor must ensure that the person to whom you sell becomes a member of the management company and enters into a direct covenant with the management company to pay the maintenance charge. See the Maintenance Charge page for details and how to pay.

Standing Order Mandate for Ground Rent (PDF format) if the flat has not had a lease extension.

View the leaseholder information form (PDF format)

View the covenant (PDF format)

View the accounts