Water leaks

The most common cause of damage in St Paul’s Court is from water leaks, both internal and external. Internal leaks cause damage to other flats, plus distress and inconvenience to the occupants. External leaks cause damage to the fabric of the building and leave unsightly stains on the walls. Please ensure you fix any dripping overflows promptly. The brickwork on part of the court was cleaned early 2016. In November 2016 the brickwork of the remaining blocks was cleaned to remove as much of the staining as possible. After this cleaning process was completed photos were taken of all the blocks. These photos will serve as a baseline. From that point on individual leaseholders will be held responsible for the cost of removing any new stains created by overflows from their flats.

Check your washing machine and dishwasher connections regularly, plus the overflows from your toilet and cold water tank. If there is a leak please get it fixed as soon as possible. Tell the flat that is being leaked into or is leaking into your flat AT ONCE.

If your flat is going to be unoccupied, even for a few days, please turn off the water at the stopcock (should be located under the kitchen sink).